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 Kee-something? Keaton Craft

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Deku Scrub
Deku Scrub

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PostSubject: Kee-something? Keaton Craft   Mon Jul 08, 2013 12:37 pm

I've searched the heights and depths of the internet and can not seem to get my hands on a Keaton (creature, not just the mask) papercraft design. I see that many other people have been looking for one too. There used to be one on this site, right? Where did it go?
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Deku Scrub
Deku Scrub

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PostSubject: Re: Kee-something? Keaton Craft   Mon Jul 08, 2013 8:49 pm

Well, some of the models get deleted for unknown reasons, and they can't be found again unless someone redesigns and reuploads it or someone that got it before uploads it.
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Kee-something? Keaton Craft
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